Totality Collection

The Totality Collection is inspired by ”how the past saw the future”, how the 1960s saw the 2000s. But the future of the past did not exactly pan out the way it was imagined, yet we still have optimism and hope to explore for an even better future.
We are in a time of protecting and guarding ourselves from the unknown. This is our modern armor - empowering us to boldly and proudly declare our identities to be heard and seen. To put together the pieces to find the totality of ourselves.

Dee de Lara Totality 1

Dee de Lara Totality 2 Dee de Lara Totality 3 

Dee de Lara Totality 4Dee de Lara Totality 5

Dee de Lara Totality 7

Dee de Lara TotalityDee de Lara Totality Dee de Lara TotalityDee de Lara Totality 10

Dee de Lara Totality 11

Special thanks to:

STYLIST | Basia Wyszynski
HAIR + MAKEUP | Romy Zack
Model | Aiko at Elite Toronto