Every Purchase This Month is A Gift! December 10, 2015 14:45

Steph Gilman


So, it's OFFICIALLY gifting season. And December is the company's and the founder's birthday month, as well as the holiday season.

This month, a portion of all sales will be donated to Rethink Breast Cancer. Thank you to everyone who has made a purchase so far, you are contributing to this amazing organization which empowers young people who are concerned with and affected by breast cancer.

Steph Gilman, my lookbook model, dear friend, fellow food and TV addict, Rethink's community manager, and self-proclaimed "cancerlebrity" inspired the idea for gift. Read her story at Pass Me Another Cupcake and follow her on Twitter. Especially if you love TV and food. And funny stuff, lots of funny stuff.

And support Rethink Breast Cancer by making a donation here!