We're One Year Old! December 1, 2015 21:28

1 Year Old

I officially launched Dee de Lara Jewelry on December 1, 2014. 

One year later, with some time to reflect on the whirlwind journey it's been so far, it made sense to think back on why I started this. And tell the story.

I left my full-time job last September after 10 years in the business with only a little bit of an idea of what I wanted to do next. I knew I wanted to make something tangible. Make something out of nothing. And also still tell stories. My experience is rooted in consumer and cultural insights and brand strategy, and I've used a multitude of approaches to dig into and tell the stories of what, how and why people, culture and brands do what they do.

So I was inspired to take the same approach to making jewelry. Digging deeper into the different meanings and context of items to create new narratives. Looking at things in a different way and giving them a new purpose. And have fun with it! So here it is: jewelry with a story. 

I'm aiming to use this blog to tell stories as I embark on the 2nd year. Stories of the jewelry, the people, places and things that inspire me, and share the stories that come from this adventure!