Human Insights + Brand Strategist

 Dee de Lara Strategy


I'm an independent seasoned strategist with 15 years of experience in the US and Canada, and a focus on strategic storytelling. My recent work includes digital content development, social media strategy + execution for FLARE Magazine, agencies and my own jewelry brand.
My research + strategy work has spanned exploratory, positioning, usability, cultural trends and target understanding in media, technology, fashion, beauty and youth culture for Google, Twitter, MTV, YouTube, Hanesbrands, Levi’s, CHANEL, Fruit of the Loom, L’Oreal and Girl Scouts.
I've spent countless hours with consumers in their own spaces - homes, online, in-store - observing and exploring behavioural, cultural and social dynamics to bring insights to life across multiple media. Additionally, I've also edited and contributed to trend publications/blogs, and presented at and produced events on privacy in the digital age and maker culture.

Additionally, I'm on the board of Insights in Color, a community for BIPOC/multicultural research and insights professionals rooted in a fundamental belief of radical disruption with the goal of changing the industry from the inside out. We're working ensure that our work is truly representative of the audiences we analyze and build insights around- free of bias and racist lenses. 
Photo by Katalin Kleeman